Spiritual Guidance & Readings
by appointment only

               Intuitive R eadings with Lisa

                          1 hour ............ $75

                          30 minutes......$45



For more information on the types of readings we offer please call 570-208-1511.


Full Mesa Shaman Sessions

What is a full Mesa Shaman? It is someone who uses power objects to assist them in communicating with spirits, warding off negative energies and help identify the root of the problem.  Once the obstacle is removed, the mind, body and spirit can move forward together in their healing journey.

The session creates a safe environment to initiate chakra healing, cord cutting, soul retrieval and entity extraction, wherever guided to do so.

Although Intuitive Reading is used as a self-counselling tool for spiritual growth and personal development, it is ultimately viewed as a form of Entertainment. We make no claims our Tarot Readings should be used for any purpose beyond entertainment and strongly discourage the use of these readings for any other reason.