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Radiance Facial

Cost per Session: $75

Clients are asked NOT to wear any products on their face for this therapy.

Gentle Muscle Stimulation and Blue Spectrum Light for Restoring Youthful Facial Skin & Contours, and for Use as a Light Acupuncture Therapy Instrument.


A combination of technologies for use on the face and body to accelerate healing of the skin and tissue and can energize and open receptivity to topical creams and drive them in. A micro-current gently pulses the muscle, but doesn't retard cell regeneration.


It's use may be focused on one of two purposes.....

                     1) Facial toning and skin revitalization.

                     2) Accelerating healing in any area of the body as a light acupuncture and muscle stimulation tool.


Features of the Radiance Facial:

  • A safe level of muscle stimulation and for minimal sensation during use.

  • Intense, ultra-bright blue or red spectrum light with internal amplification lens designed for maximum output. The technology in this feature stimulates cellular energy (ATP) for revitalizing the skin. Blue light wavelength offers reduced inflamation in acne and other irritations.Red light wavelength is considered optimal for collagen stimulation.


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