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Essential Oils

Essential oils have been beneficial as a medicinal tool throughout human history. Interest in utilizing essential oils as a treatment option at wellness centers has increased in recent years. Inner Peace has the most experienced therapists working with essential oils in the region. Essential oils can be ingested using a nebulizer, heated in various ways, burning incense, or as a body oil.



Reiki & AromaTouch Massage - 90 mins...$110

This is a fantastic combination for lovers of Reiki. The process is a series of Essential Oils applied up the spine. On an energetic level this allows one to stay grounded while receiving Reiki.


This 90 minute session combines the benefits of Reiki & AromaTouch with a relaxing massage. It is deeply calming, and leaves you with an overall feeling of peace. 

The information contained in this web site should not be considered medical care or advice.

 Additionally, the information contained throughout this web site is not meant to replace 

professional medical care or assistance. The information is to educate the public on alternative

and complementary therapies

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