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Communicating with Your Subconscious

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 Special one time get to know me offer:

Introductory one hour session : $75

Includes a 15 minute Reiki session before Communicating with your subconscious.

Usual Pricing:

1 hour session $150, with homework issued as needed. Additional sessions will be addressed as needed according to your subconscious.


What is your subconscious?

Your subconscious is your higher self, your intuition, your guide.

Your subconscious knows you better than you know yourself since it has been with
you since the beginning of time.

Being able to talk with your subconscious will help with many things including emotions, trauma, weight loss, quitting smoking, and clearing chronic pain, among many other things, big or small, that’s happening in your life.

It will help you heal. Rich will guide you to be your own healer.

This is deep transformational work that will change your life.

Rich offers past life regressions as well through communicating with your subconscious.


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