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Our Mission Statement

Inner Peace believes that every person has the ability to heal themselves with self-care, and the appropriate tools. We provide the modalities and therapies to help you function with a more positive, emotional and spiritual attitude.


At Inner Peace Health Healing and Wellness Associates, our Mission is to provide the tools necessary to make the Mind, Body & Spirit connection.

Inner Peace  brings together highly qualified and experienced Certified Therapists and Practitioners, along with educational and support opportunities.

We believe that the balance of mind, body, and spirit is essential for your overall health and well being.


We are proud to be one of the only wellness centers in NEPA providing CAYCE REMEDIES. Edgar Cayce is considered the Father of Holistic Medicine and his remedies are used by health care professionals and practitioner’s worldwide. Currently we offer our clients Cayce’s Holisitc Remedies: VIOLET RAY, CASTOR OIL PACKS, GLYCO PACKS remedies, and more. For more information on Edgar Cayce and his holistic remedies refer to our web site Reference page.


Many years of experience and education have been dedicated to the design, concept, and implementation of Inner Peace Health Healing & Wellness. Our logo is filled with symbolic meaning. First, the three inner locking circles represent the “Tripod of Life”, which means Mind, Body, and Spirit. Secondly, the Anatomical position of a person reaching for the tripod of life, with a “spiral in the center” symbolizes energy and universe. We incorporated the colors of our logo in both our common areas as well as treatment areas. Each room in the wellness center is a different color to represent the seven CHAKRAS. We also utilize Himilayan Rock Salt and Celinite Lamps. Our use of Essential Oils make the atmosphere and energy of Inner Peace, an experience in and of itself.


See – Sense – Feel – Imagine... The Inner Peace Health Healing & Wellness Experience


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The information contained in this web site should not be considered medical care or advice. Additionally, the information contained throughout this web site is not meant to replace professional medical care or assistance. The information is to educate the public on alternative and complementary therapies.

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