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Community -Style Acupuncture

Available Wednesday & Friday

No Appointment needed


Price: 30 minute Session ($39.00)

Community-Style Acupuncture differs from Traditional Western Style Acupuncture in that it is performed in an open, group setting in a chair, fully clothed, is less expensive and yet is equally as effective and valuable. This approach to acupuncture is much more in line with Traditional Chinese Medicine than the new Western approach which came into being when acupuncture moved West.


Traditional Western-Style Acupuncture is performed alone in a room, on an acupuncture table, less clothed, takes longer and is much more expensive. Clients can have wonderful experiences with both types of acupuncture treatments, and there are good reasons for choosing which kind of treatment to pursue. Both approaches to acupuncture treatments are valuable, but Community-Style Acupuncture has a lot of benefits, such as being much less expensive, more accessible and safer.

The more often a client receives acupuncture, the more beneficial it is, therefore, making acupuncture affordable, easily accessible and safer is what is best for everyone. That is what Community-Style Acupuncture offers.

Community-Style Acupuncture is provided in a regular chair, La-Z-Boy, or zero-gravity chair in an open setting where the client stays fully clothed.

Acupuncture points (acupoints) chosen are located in the ear, on the head, and/or the extremities. No acupuncture points on the back, neck or shoulders are utilized in this type of treatment, however, those body areas still benefit from community-style treatments since the acupuncture meridians chosen go to those areas. 


Each acupuncture treatment lasts for 30-minutes. It is possible to be in and out of the treatment within 45-minutes.


These sessions are Walk-in treatments, so no appointment necessary.

A person may receive a community-style acupuncture treatment as often as once every day, if necessary or desired. Acute conditions are best treated more often, such as two to five times per week. Chronic conditions are often treated less often, such as once or twice per week. A person may come back as often as they feel they require treatment.